Rechargeable LED Collars with Reflective and Glow-in-the-Dark Capabilities

How We Got Started

While doing some off-leash training in an empty parking lot, a car cut across the parking lot to save time. What the driver didn't see was Tasha, the puppy and Glenn Roberts, her owner running behind her, waving his hands over his head. The driver ran over Tasha, and told my Glenn, my Uncle, that she couldn't see the puppy. Although Tasha was lucky to survive her leg was broken and her hip was injured. She had to endure surgery and had to go through months of therapy. She is doing well today, although she does have to take pain medicine from time to time. 

My Uncle Glenn didn't want any more pups to go through this trauma and wanted to create a way for dogs to be able to be visible. He also wanted them to be visible with something that they would be wearing all the time anyway, a collar. He shopped around but found that there was nothing on the market that was strong enough to be used as a lead collar or that was rechargeable for everyday use. He went through numerous revisions and finally created The Safety Collar that we use today.